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Julien Goodwin
Moving to Sydney 
31st-May-2011 08:15 pm
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On July 4th I start my next great challenge as I start a new operations job in Sydney at Google (office is in Pyrmont next to the casino for those who may not know).

More then just leaving my job of just over three years at Editure (MyInternet / SchoolsNet for the Melbourne old-guard) it means leaving Melbourne entirely, something both exciting and quite scary.

In the past I've not been a fan of Sydney, but a few needed trips over the past year have gotten me over that and I've come to appreciate Sydney as a different but interesting city; I doubt I'll ever love it as I do Melbourne but I think I can enjoy living there.

Possibly the best part of this move is the opportunity to live in a more sane location and rid myself of much of my current 3 hour (~90 minutes each way) commute. I'm hoping to eventually rent a place in (probably) Glebe and walk or bike to work. Unfortunately the experiences of a former coworker show that it's not practical to rent in Sydney without being physically present so I still need to find a solution for the first few weeks (any pointers greatly appreciated). Not being a driver either means that setting up a place will be "interesting".

It will also be great to get to know a bunch of people that I only ever meet at the yearly linux.conf.au, OSDC, and SAGE-AU conferences, starting, most certainly with the SLUG crew. If you're a Sydney-type I'd love to know what else goes on that I should know about.
31st-May-2011 10:18 am (UTC)
Good luck on getting a place. Where do you stand on your license anyway? Last I spoke to you about it you were thinking of getting a motor cycle?
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