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Julien Goodwin
20th-Nov-2011 10:42 pm
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Last weekend Debian Testing got Gnome3, and because I was bored waiting for my shift to start (pretty much all of Google NetOps Sydney was in Mountain View for the week so we had to cover Sydney hours from Mountain View, that means 5pm - 1am shifts, not *quite* as bad as you'd think) I decided to upgrade. Apart from my laptop's SSD going read-only in the middle and breaking X the upgrade went fine.

Unfortunately the default Gnome3 interface is simply unusable, I tried for a few minutes to open my normal programs and just failed.

The fallback interface on the other hand is close enough to Gnome2 that after a few hours of tweaking (very little of my settings stayed), and with the aid of the un-official Tweak Tool I've been able to get a session I'm fairly happy with.

Things I still don't like though are:

  • Having to alt-right click on panels to get to the settings

  • A bunch of settings were lost on the upgrade from gnome2

  • The new "Cantrell" font is barely distinct when bold, this makes many things that rely on bold to distinguish states unusable (eg, Thunderbird), otherwise I actually like the font, and was disappointed to switch back to Bitstream Vera

  • No dark GTK theme, this is fixed in 3.2, but that's not yet available in Debian (although the theme package is in experimental it's uninstallable due to broken depedency chains)

  • Lack of support for classic screen savers. I love the unicode screen saver, but only "blank screen" is offered, and badly implemented at that

  • The inability to disable evolution and telepathy. I don't use either, and particularly evolution likes to do stupid things to my session. (I also don't like the update notifier, but that's minor)

  • Also need to find a way to disable gphoto2 stealing my iPhone when it's plugged in, it should *always* go to VMware

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