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Julien Goodwin
On programming languages 
19th-Jun-2013 12:39 am
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One thing people might be surprised about my job is that although I'm in network operations I write a lot of code, mostly for tools we use to monitor and maintain the network, but I've also had a few features and bug-fixes get into Google-wide (well, eng-wide) internal tools. This has lead me to use a bunch of languages, quite probably more than most Google software engineers.

Languages I've used in the last three months:
  • C++
  • Java
  • Go
  • Python
  • bash
  • Javascript & HTML (Including several templating languages)

In the two years since I started there's also:
  • perl
  • tcsh
  • PHP
  • SLAX (An alernate syntax version of XSLT)

These end up being a fairly unsurprising mix of standard sysadmin, web and systems programmer faire, with the real outliers being Go, the new c-ish systems language created at Google (several of the people working on the language sit just on the other side of a wall from me), and tcsh & SLAX which come from working with Juniper's JunOS which is built on FreeBSD with an XML-based configuration.
20th-Jun-2013 09:10 am (UTC)
Cool. I haven't played around with Go yet and I would like some commercial C++ experience. :S
1st-Nov-2014 08:15 am (UTC) - Appropriately
perl -e 'print "\x48\x61\x70\x70\x79\x20\x42\x69\x72\x74\x68\x64\x61\x79\xa"'
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